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Safe, Secure Retaining and Radius Walls

Concrete retaining walls and radius walls are a proven and easy way to add to the aesthetic appeal and dollar value of your property while preventing expensive damage to your home and landscape.  


If not installed by a licensed, bonded, and insured expert, your investment could be in serious jeopardy. Choose a retaining / radius wall specialist – like us!

Collaborate for Customized Exterior Walls

Collectively, our concrete team has decades and decades of experience in building reliable walls for homeowners throughout the area. After consulting with you, we’ll engineer a finished product that blends with your home and landscape perfectly.

Enjoy the Benefits of Concrete Walls

  • Attractive and functional

  • Curved radius walls

  • Customized barrier against soil and rock erosion

  • Straight retaining walls

Choose Us for Complete Concrete Services

Contact Get-R-Done Concrete of Dundee today about pouring an affordable, solid foundation for your new home or housing development. Ask about FREE estimates. We GUARANTEE your satisfaction in our work!